5 Ice-busting tips to make your life easier!

There’s nothing worse than ice for slowing down your finely tuned stable routine…
But there are some things you can do to get you back on track. Try these top tips!


Pop a tennis ball in the bucket to prevent this icing over
  1. Stop outside water troughs and buckets from freezing over by popping a tennis ball in the water – the movement of the ball will slow the formation of ice on the surface. If the water does freeze over, removal of the tennis ball creates an instant  hole so you can more easily break up the ice layer.
  2. Don’t leave your hose pipe outside overnight – the water inside freezes up meaning you can’t top up water buckets in the morning – bring it inside the stables or within a building at night, and it should run free in the morning no matter how cold it is!
  3. Get prepared with grit or salt to throw down on concrete walkways and paths to prevent you and your horse slipping.
  4. Lag your pipes so they don’t freeze over
  5. Fill some large water containers in the evening and keep them indoors so you have water ready for the next morning when everything is frozen over.

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