6 Top Brand Picks for August

Sophie Tunnah
This month, our Fashion and Style Editor Sophie Tunnah reveals her secret passion for Ariat whilst taking a look back  a decade of her own equestrian clothing and finding that there are some brands (not just Ariat!) that are still going strong in her wardrobe!

“Today, I thought I’d take a look at my 6 picks of equestrian clothing brands. Now it’s no secret that I’m a member of the ‘AA’…

…Ariat Anonymous! So let’s start there!

Ariat have a beautiful range of products, but most of all, I LOVE their leather boots, short, tall, riding or yard, they are always perfect!! I’ve had a couple of pair of short riding boots from Ariat, but compete in my tall H2O Bromont – they last well, they fit well, the quality is fab & most of all they are super comfortable.


Credit: TeamTunnahEventing.co.uk


Next up in my 6 picks, has to be The Mark Todd Collection. Now admittedly, I don’t have a vast range of clothing, but the one thing I do have is their Gisborne breeches. Priced around £55-65, they make perfect every day breeches. Thinking back, I’ve had six pairs of these breeches in about 8 years. I ride 4-5 times a week, have only ever had one horse to ride and sort, and until this year, have always had horses on assisted or full livery. But for the use I’ve had out of them I’d rate them 5/5 – they wash well, wear well, are comfortable & fit well.


Coming in a range of colours, there’ll be a pair for everyone, including for competitions!


Credit: Hopevalleysaddlery.co.uk


The Mark Todd Collection offers lots of horse and rider items – I also have a few polos from the brand. Head over to their Instagram to get some inspiration!

My next pick is Pikeur (see what I did there…not really, it’s genuinely a pick of mine!)

Head to Pikeur to pick up a super smart, super snazzy competition shirt, whether short or long sleeves, plain white or something more colourful, I always think Pikeur shirts leave you with a distinct professional look.


Credit: HopeValleySaddlery.co.uk

Most of their shirt are technologically designed to help you keep cool (or warm if winter season is here) on a hot competition day. I often think that feeling like you look smart & professional on a show day goes a long way in putting you and your horse across in this way. Always make a great first impression down that centre line…!


Joules. OK, so not strictly an equestrian only brand, but it’s definitely popular with equestrians. Keeping on topic and sticking with their more equestrian range, I picked their polo t-shirts as my third 6 pick!

Ten years ago…. Yes, TEN years!! I bought 3 Joules polo shirts at Bramham Horse Trials. This morning, I have just ironed them to fold away to wear again!

Now, fair enough, I don’t use these everyday, or perhaps every week, and I would probably say that I get more use from them during the winter, when I add a baselayer. But… TEN YEARS OLD… & still wearable!

If you get the chance to, pick up a Joules polo because they really do last!

Check out their Equestrian Collection or hit their stand which it a popular hit at many events all over the UK.

Credit: @joulesclothing on Instagram


Fourth in our 6 picks of equestrian clothing brands is Musto. I love Musto almost as equally as I do Ariat…

Their outdoor clothing, particularly rain and wind wear is second to none (well, maybe to Ariat’s…!) Why is that? Because they are a sailing brand… and what other sport than equestrian needs great protection from the windy and wet weather all year round… There’s your answer!

I invested in a Musto soft cell gilet about five years ago. It’s soft and small enough to go under a jacket, but is also great for those sunny days but with a biting wind. Schooling with it on keeps me lovely and warm.

Unfortunately, Musto don’t stock it any more, but they do have a very similar one in stock at the moment priced at around £95.


Credit: Musto.com


If you’re looking for something to keep you dry all year round with a layer approach so it’s versatile to wear parts of it at any point in the year, make sure you check out Musto.


Our final pick is…Toggi.

What for? Socks!

OK, so not the most glamous, but very functional. I’ve always had Toggi socks, and I’ve not had many others to compare to, but I like that they are long enough for me – they go just up to below my knee. They also wash well, which when you wear a pair everyday to exercise in, is a fairly critical test to pass.

They also come in a massive range of colours and patterns, so no matter what your preference, taste and matchy matchy colour schemes, Toggi is bound to have something for you!

Credit: @toggiclothing on Instagram

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed our 6 Picks of Equestrian Clothing Brands, selected from my own experiences over the last 10 years or so and hopefully, you’ll also see I’m not a total AA member…!!

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