5 Reasons Why Horse Riding In Autumn is Awesome!

The Autumn Equinox has been announced  and whilst there may be odd days when it still feels like summer, they are quickly disappearing, with Autumn getting a grip on our weather.

But, whilst Summer is possibly the best time to ride your horse or pony, Autumn has some compensations. Here are our top reasons why Autumn horse riding is awesome!

  1. Soft Ground…

    …finally the fields no longer feel like you are riding on concrete and your fears about damage to your horses legs are over!

  2. Cool weather…

    …no more sweaty backs (for you or your horse) as you nip out for a quick hack round the block!

  3. Farewell Flies…

    ….finally those pesky midges, flies and associated medical conditions such as sweet itch are a mere memory, stored in the back of our minds ready for next summer!

4.      Hello Hunting and hunter trials…

…Autumn brings with a whole new world of riding in the form of hunting and hunter trials. Hello hooning cross country – can’t beat it!

5.  Hot chocolate…

…there’s nothing more heart warming than riding through a woodland in the Autumn, shuffling your pony through piles of fallen leaves, enjoying the magnificent colours of the scene and finishing off with a hot chocolate back at the stables. What could be better, honestly?

What do you love or hate about autumn? Drop us a line or comment, we’d love to hear!

Look out next week for our guide on getting ready for Autumn!

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