6 reasons why clipping is the worst horsey job EVER!

We all know its not all fun and games having a horse. What about the 6am get-ups for mucking out? Or even just mucking out itself, or getting poo stains off, or taking a dirty tail bandage off after a journey… there are plenty of fun spoilers!

Well, here at THP Towers, we’ll take all of those if someone would just swop us for clipping!

Here are our top 6 reasons why we think clipping is absolutely the most hateful horsey job ever!!

1.The Hair: millions of minute hair fragments that are magnetically attracted to your clothes and get absolutely everywhere no       matter how much you try to cover up. We’ve tried those white biohazard suits, boiler suits, no suits – it doesn’t matter…you still find unwanted horse hair in your knickers no matter what you do! And let’s not forget in your eyes, up your nose, in your mouth….

2.The Lines: you know, the clipper tracks that show every stroke you made and can make your horse look absolutely ridiculous, like he’s been done with a knife and fork!

3.The Fidgeting: No matter how good your pony is to clip, he gets bored after a while and starts to dance around on the end of his rope making the whole task that much more challenging for both you and the victim!

4.The stress of the cut: You don’t even have to nick the pony with the blades – accidentally of course, to be stressed out about the thought of doing so, and if you do happen to do so, usually due to the aforementioned fidgeting… oh the guilt!

5. Armpits and other fiddly areas: Super-tricky corners such as the armpits (you know where we mean!) make the whole task just so much more difficult, and frankly hateful!!

6. The missing bits: You’ve spent what feels like hours meticulously clipping away, and have finally, with a huge sigh of relief put the clippers back in their case. Surveying your handiwork…shock horror – you spot the clump of hair you’ve missed. Where did that come from? Are you going to get the clippers out all over again, or just put up with it and hope no one else notices! Have you finally lost the will to live? I think you know the answer to that!

Well, as you can probably tell, clipping’s really not our favourite job! But we do have one piece of advice for you…if you possibly can, find someone else to do it for you! Just sayin’!


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