6 things you should know about owning a stallion

So you think you would like to own a stallion? Tread very carefully – there are a few things you should know about these high-maintenance, testosterone fuelled magnificent creatures.

So here are  things you should consider before taking the plunge…

  1. Stallions are made for breeding – fact. This rules their behaviour – they have one objective in mind – to find mares, and that will permeate their behaviour at all times, meaning you must moderate the way you handle him.Even the most mild-mannered stallion can become a Jekyll and Hyde when in the company of a mare.
  2. Many yards won’t accept stallions as they can create problems with  the other horses they are kept with – they may be  aggressive towards geldings and flirty with mares.
  3. Many shows won’t accept stallions – for the same reasons and in case they get loose.
  4. Don’t expect to turn him out in a field fenced for a pony and expect to find him there when you come back. A stallion needs a well-fenced paddock – ideally electric to keep him from escaping. You also need to think about his location, and who is in the field next to him – it’s not just a case of turning him out!
  5. For all the reasons listed above, stallions are often kept stabled . As a result, the life of a stallion can be a lonely one – often they are kept in isolation which leads to frustration, so you may need to consider finding him a companion ideally a calm gelding, or perhaps a goat!
  6. You need to be on the ball with him at all times. A little complacency or getting too comfortable with him can lead to trouble. You need to be firm and consistent at all times and remain in control of him – it’s easy to find yourself under his control if you’re not careful.

If you are not thinking about breeding from a stallion then really think hard about why you would want to own one. The costs, time and commitment involved make it a serious challenge you need to be prepared for! Good luck!


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