5 ways to keep your head warm & your hair under control!

Five ways to keep your head warm & your hair under control!

With the weather getting colder and the nights getting longer, it can only mean one thing… Autumn and Hallowe’en. Which, if you didn’t know, is the best time of the year. Also, it means wind. Lots of wind. And, lets not forget Ophelia and Brian our recent storms that have had our hair whipping around like there’s no tomorrow.

Nothing is worse than trying to muck out or ride with a howling gale, turning your ears bright red. So, to help you out, Daisy Phillips our Fashion Writer has found five fabulous pieces of headgear to protect you during the autumn months and ensure that nothing will stop you from riding. Note: This headgear is also excellent for blocking out any know-it-all liveries who just have to give their opinion, even when it is unwanted. You’re welcome!



  • Mark Todd Fleece Headbands

If you’re like me, then the idea of a thick, luxurious fur headband sounds great- until you actually wear one. Whether it won’t fit under your riding hat or you start to get major head sweats, it will normally end up stuffed in your pocket within a few hours. Luckily, Mark Todd has your back. These fleece-lined headbands fit comfortably under your hat and are made of micro-fibre, allowing your head to breathe. These headbands come in a range of different colours and cost a very reasonable £3.99. Buy them here.


  • Dubarry Faux Fur Collection

However, if you do enjoy a bit of fur, then the Dubarry collection cannot be beaten. No animals were harmed in the making of this collection and the range includes hats, headbands, boot liners and even scarves! Go and treat yourself by clicking here, prices start at £19.99.


  • Pikeur Wide Knitted Headbandpikeur-headband

Now, these head bands are great if you are big-headed. I don’t mean the full-of-yourself type (although I’m sure these will look great on you too), but these headbands are designed to be wide. They have a thicker-set bad, meaning those with slightly larger skulls will find these most accommodating. They are made with wool for guaranteed comfort and come in brown, cream, grey, taupe and navy. These best-selling bands cost less than a tenner and can be bought here.

  • Ariat Team Beanie


Ariat are known for their good quality and designs, and this includes their beanies. Stylish and practical, their beanies promise to keep you warm, while bringing some colour to your winter wardrobe. Prices start at £29.99 and can be bought here.


  • Timothy Foxx Ear-warmers

This is more of a ‘country’ brand than specifically an equine one, but I am absolutely in love with these ear-warmers. All designs feature an aspect of tweed, as well as some displaying the union jack. These are as British as you can find and I am all for it! You can even get the warmers personalised for clubs and groups, perfect for riding teams to stay warm throughout the winter season. Prices start at £22.99 and can be bought here.timothy-foxx

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