6 steps for successful lungeing

Being able to lunge a horse is a  fantastic tool in your horsey toolkit that can help your horse to balance himself, develop a more rhythmical trot, improve his canter transitions and, when done correctly, it can even help you to solve some problems under saddle.

It also a really handy thing to be able to do  if you’re short of time, a good work-out  on the lunge for just a few minutes can work wonders as it’s physically demanding on your horse.

So here are 6 top tips to help you successfully lunge your horse or pony:


Lunge cavesson
  1. Use a cavesson  and make sure its a snug fit so it doesn’t slip round
  2. Create a triangle with yourself at one corner, the lunge line creating the line towards his head and your whip creating the line towards his tail
  3. Stand on one spot in the centre turning around your outside foot. Try to avoid moving off your circle – a circle about 3 feet wide is plenty
  4. Keep consistent the words that you use, and use your voice tone to raise and lower the tempo
  5.  Keep the whip very still and quiet until you need to use it as continually moving and flicking it will reduce its effectiveness. You do not want to create an atmosphere of fear through overuse of the whip
  6. Keep an eye on the way your horse is moving – is he tracking up, are his hips moving evenly, does he appear relaxed?

Following these simple steps will ensure that your horse has a positive experience  when being lunged and will bring about positive benefits making him stronger, more supple and better balanced. Who wouldn’t want that!?


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