7 Horsey Gifts NOT on our list this year!

Now don’t take this too seriously – it’s just a bit of a giggle, but with all the gorgeous horsey things out there we’d love to have Santa bring us this year..there are a few we’d rather not get! Yes, we know it’s all a question of personal taste but we think these particular gifts are really pushing the boundaries of tasteful horsey stocking fillers. Now we’re not going to sit on the fence on this one, if you get one of these from Father Christmas this year  – firstly – our commiseration’s, secondly, get the receipt and return it asap. (You might also want to take a second opinion on  the person who bought it for you!)

On the other hand…you just might like these whacky pressies, or even be the proud owners of one of them!! If so -don’t tell anyone – it may damage your street cred beyond repair!


  1. Stepping out horsey style – shoes anyone? Yes, these are actually sold for ladies – not toddlers!


2. Put the kettle on in the tack room and see what your friends say as you sip away from this bizarre coffee cup. Comes with its own horsey spoon!



3. Feeling chilly? Cuddle up in this most stylish of woolly pullies! We can feel the static from the acrylic from here!


4. Or how about a multi-coloured hoodie? High -end fashion – honest guv!


5. Not quite sure where we’d wear this little number – is it a dress, is it a nightie or ..?? What is she pointing at?!


6.  Apparently this is a horse’s eye ring. Can’t say we’ve ever seen a horse’s eye that looked like this knuckleduster…but what do we know?

7. More bling… knock yourself out with this chunky gold watch encrusted with rhinestones!


All we can say is – ooeerrr!!!

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