9 Ways to Earn Money From Horses!

It has been said that the only way to become a millionaire out of horses is to start as a billionaire! It’s true, horses and ponies cost a lot! But there are ways you can make money from your hobby if you’re willing to put a little effort in.

The key is finding some small tasks that no one else wants to do. Do enough of them and suddenly, you’ll be quids in – literally. Here are 9 ways you could consider making a few pennies to help fund your horsey passion!

  • Tack cleaning Service tack-fairy

    This really is a job that is often neglected and is something you could easily do. Often owners have their favourite products so they are likely to want you to use theirs so you won’t even have to supply the cleaning products – just put in the elbow grease.

  • Plaiting and clipping

    The hunting season is nearly upon us and this means masses of work for owners keeping their hunters in trim. If you can plait, clip, trim or even just bath horses, you might find your services become in demand – especially if you do a great job!

  • Lorry and trailer cleaning

    Print yourself a few leaflets and offer them to owners of lorries and trailers at your local show or yard. You’ll be amazed how many of them neglect their transport when it comes to cleaning and will snap your hand off if you offer this service.

  • Offer a helping hand to owners

    Visit your local yard (Start close to home – if you have to travel that could add to your costs) have a chat with the owner or Manager and see if there are any  jobs going. Often individual DIY owners might struggle to be on the yard at the times that they are needed – for example it might be difficult for them to turn their horses out in the morning before work – you could offer this service if you are willing to turn up early and do it for them.

  • Yard dutiessweeping_yard

    There’s always a stable that needs mucking out, feeds to be made up, rugs to be changed, yards to be swept – especially in the winter when many horses are kept stabled at night or even all day.  Offer your services as a yard hand – start small with one or two duties and if you’re willing and reliable – things could easily snowball from there. Don’t be put off if there’s already a yard hand employed – they do have holidays and this is your opportunity to step in and show how useful you are!

  • Riding Out

    If you’re confident on a horse, you could offer to exercise horses for owners. This is especially welcome and in demand during the winter when the nights draw in early.

  • Poo Picking

    Every good yard poo-picks their fields, and every horse owner wants their horse in well-managed pasture – but who wants to poo-pick? You, of course!! Get yourself a wheelbarrow and a fork and away you go!

  • Ragwort removal

    Be careful with this one as ragwort can be dangerous to handle and needs special care. (see our article on removing ragwort here) – but if you can remove it safely and effectively – there’s sure to be a job there! A word to the wise – before you agree a price – check out the field they want you to work in – it could be smothered in ragwort and take you all day – better to agree an hourly rate for this one!

  • Lessons

    If you have taken any of your Pony Club tests or have any qualifications in instruction, there’s always the option of teaching. Have a chat with the owners of your local riding school to find out what you need to do to be able to teach.

Remember from small acorns big oak trees grow! The smallest jobs can eventually turn into a business if you are willing to put in the hard work, be reliable and trustworthy and don’t overprice yourself.

Once you’ve got yourself a base of customers your next step is to keep them happy and coming back. There are some easy things you can do to maintain customer loyalty – check out this article from Shire Business group for some helpful tips.





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