All The Queen’s Horses New Year’s Day Parade To Welcome the World

London’s New Year’s Day Parade returns for 2019 celebrating Britain’s diverse multi-cultural capital with All The Queen’s Horses showcasing plenty of variety amongst its equine participants this year.


“The Parade’s theme is ‘London Welcomes The World’ and celebrates our vibrant, multi-cultural society and the visitors who flock to our capital from all over the world. On the 1st January 2019, London will see Norwegian, Spanish, German, Dutch, American horses stepping out with their equine friends from the United Kingdom in the party like no other.”


We asked ATQH Co-ordinator and Founder Caroline Marsh for 10 Facts that you probably didn’t know about this amazing equestrian event, go for it Caroline!


  1. Every year their costumes take their cue from the theme and so be prepared to see wonderful traditional dress given a carnival make-over. With 60 horses and over 200 people involved in our section, that’s a lot of costumes to think about!
  2. The LNYDP is a free family event and has taken place every year since 1987 with All The Queen’s Horses participating since 2012.
  3. Around 500,000 spectators attend the event every year, and the route runs from Piccadilly near Green Park to Piccadilly Circus, Lower Regent Street, Pall Mall, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall to Parliament Square.
  4. The smallest pony on Parade will be Azlan,a 10-year-old Appaloosa Falabella stallion, who stands at just 32 inches tall.
  5. It takes about three hours and around 5km of walking.
  6. It works out on average to be a staggering £1,000 per person! So the riders save up all year round to participate.
  7. The horses come from all over England and even Europe. Last year they had riders travelling right from the top of Scotland.
  8. They have all breeds from crosses, through to Spanish, Clydesdales, Mini Shetlands, Ex Racehorses and the Dales Horse Society. They love having a real variety because the crowds love it!
  9. The youngest ever participant was Megan Jones from Anglesey at just 3 years old in the 2012 parade.
  10. The oldest ever participant was Grandfather, Ed Hunderford from Cornwall aged 74 years old in 2018 parade.

Images by Jo Monck &  fotos4events



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