Are Your Horse’s Hooves Cracking? Farriers Advice

On Test: Hoof Dressing -the Farrier’s Choice

We have had so little rain for the last few months, here at TH&P magazine, our horses hooves are starting to show signs of cracking and dryness. Our TB’s feet in particular are slowly chipping away so the last time our farrier, Alex, came down we had a chat about his recommendations about how to deal with it.

Alex left us in no doubt that his choice of hoof dressing had to be Kevin Bacon’s® Original Hoof Dressing. He said that within two weeks, his horse’s hooves were showing positive signs of improvement after applying it everyday. So, on that recommendation – we invested in a pot!

Kevin Bacon’s® Original Hoof Dressing is made in Belgium and is a laurel balm for the care and protection of hooves providing nourishment deep down into the hoof. Not only does it prevent the hoof wall from drying out it also protects from it wet conditions (when we get some!) and activates horn growth. It’s 100% natural, containing animal fat and laurel leaves – yes we found some in the pot!!

It’s pretty thick stuff – like a super-thick vaseline, but goes on easily with a brush. Its priced at around £17 per litre pot, and can be bought online from various outlets so should be easy to get hold of in that respect. Give it a go and let us know what you think! (BTW – this is a totally unbiased, unpaid for, non-commercial recommendation! Just good stuff! :-))

Top Tip:

Wet the hoof first, dry it off then  apply the dressing to trap in extra moisture.

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