Beating Box Rest Boredom

Dear Editor,

My pony has been put on 6 weeks box rest by my vet. I am worried that he is going to get really bored and develop bad habits such as door kicking, weaving or chewing the wood on his stable door. Have you got any suggestions for how to help him pass away the time constructively?

Lucy M, by email

Dear Lucy,

Box Rest – these are two short words we dread to hear from our vet, bringing with them expectations of sick, frustrated and bored horses. Not to mention extra care, cost and of course – no riding!  But, the good news is there are ways you can help alleviate the stress and boredom for your horse and discourage those bad habits that can quickly develop.

There are some fantastic products on the market that your horse will love, designed especially to help with managing diet and balancing boredom.

Have a Ball!
Bag It Up!



In the wild, horses graze all day long and it’s important to replicate the natural grazing cycle for box resting horses.  We found the haynet bags from absolutely perfect for managing the amount and speed that your horse can eat his hay. The HayGrazer Play is designed with larger holes at the top so that at first the hay can be eaten relatively easily. As it empties and the holes become smaller towards the bottom it gets harder to access the hay and the bag mimics natural grazing, when a horse searches for grass using its lips. Why not hide a few treats in your haynet?  Finding a piece of carrot or apple amongst the hay might just make his day!



Classic FM – the THP horses seem to appreciate some soothing classical music as they while away the hours, so try and find a radio you can tune in and find out your pony’s music tastes!

Bob-a Job!


Apple bobbing – drop some apples in his water bucket. It’ll encourage him to drink more and everyone loves a little bit of water play after all!

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