A Dream Job in Equestrian Event Management


Sarah Measom, PR girl for HOYS and British Showjumping National Championships shares the inside track on a dream career in equestrian event management.

NAME: Sarah Measom

sarah measom
Sarah Measom – HOYS organiser

AGE: 28

JOB TITLE: Press & PR Executive

  • Who do you work for and what do they do?
    • Grandstand Media Ltd, Event Management Company
  • What events are you involved with organising?
    •  Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) and the British Showjumping National Championships (BSNC)
  • What is your main area of work for these events?
    • I manage the Marketing, Social Media, Websites, Advertising Campaign, Print Literature, Communications, PR, produce the Official Show Programme and run the Press Office at the Show.
  • How long have you been working in event management?
    • I worked in the Equine Events Office at Hartpury College when I first graduated in 2011, then had some time away and returned to it when I started with Grandstand Media last July.
  • How did you get into it?
    • Events have always sparked my interest; there’s something quite rewarding about seeing an event built up from scratch and turn into something quite incredible that so many people can enjoy.
  • Did you take any qualifications relevant to your job?
    • I did an event management module as part of my BSc Hons degree and it was the only module I got 98% in!
  • Where did you study?
    • Hartpury College
  • How long does it take to organise an event like HOYS?
    • Over 12 months: preparation is well underway for 2018 which will be our 70th anniversary so we are planning something quite special.
  • Can you describe a typical day?
    • Each day varies so much and that is what I love about my job. Covering so many different elements means that one day I could be writing press releases or features for the programme and the next day I am using my creative skills to develop concepts for our artwork and print literature.
  • What are the best parts of the job?
    • Don’t get me wrong, it is great escorting high profile riders such as Carl Hester and Nick Skelton down to the rider signing area at the show, however, for me nothing beats seeing the smiles on competitor’s faces when you interview them. Win or lose it means so much to them to have made it to HOYS.
  • What are the worst parts?
    • During the show when your alarm goes off at 6am and you didn’t get into bed until 2am! Concealer to cover up the bags comes in handy.
  • What are the challenges of the job?
    • Obviously with any job, things don’t always go to plan – horses are horses! So it can be challenging handling the PR around any incidents which occur.
  • Who would you recommend this to as a career?
    • Someone who wants to put their all into their job and is willing to put in the hours – there’s no 9-5 in event management.
  • What qualities do you think someone needs to have to do this job?
    • You must be extremely self-motivated, be well organised, cope well under pressure and be good at multi-tasking.
  • Will this job make you rich?
    • I’m not sure about rich, however, if you work your way up the ladder you will get a decent salary.
  • Will this job make you happy?
    • Yes! You certainly get job satisfaction in this role.
  • Best piece of advice to someone considering equestrian event management as a career?
    • It sounds clichéd, but work experience is invaluable. Put yourself forward for volunteering at events no matter how small and not only will you build up contacts but you will also get to learn whether event management is for you or not.


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