Cherry-Pick Your Horse Insurance for Great Benefits and Savings

It’s no secret that keeping horses is an expensive game. It’s not just the cost of buying them, nor the running costs –the food, the shoes, the tack, the training and competition costs, but it’s also the hidden costs that mount up when you’re least expecting them.

Insurance is one way to mitigate the impact of these hidden costs. Vets fees can be a financial crippler – a simple injury from the field can turn into a mammoth expenditure as your horse spends days in treatment and recuperation at your vets, building up bills that can exceed what it cost to buy him!

What happens if out on a hack, your horse damages someone’s property say it backs up into a car and dents it, or it breaks a field gate, or gets into someone’s garden and eats their prize flowers? Insurance is your go-to option to help fund these costs.



There are plenty of options out there to choose from, and it’s vital you research what’s available to meet you and your horses’s requirements.

Many policies will ask you to specify the types of activity you plan to use your horse for – splitting it into two types of use:

Group 1 which includes activities such as hacking and unaffiliated competitions.

Group 2 which includes all the activities listed in Group 1 but also some of the more risky and dangerous activities such as hunting, polo, cross country and eventing.

Most basic horse insurance policies do not include vet fees cover as standard so it’s important to make sure this is included if you want to be protected against the cost of treatment. Many will cover death, theft or straying and public liability.

Most will require you to pay an excess, or the first part of most claims you make.

You may decide that you want to cherry pick the cover you get from different providers, and often this can be a very cost-effective way of doing it.

Harry Hall, has an exciting concept in insurance on offer through their One Club.  This provides £10 million public liability insurance and £10,000 personal accident insurance.

The Public Liability policy is underwritten by Markel International Insurance Company Limited and the personal accident policy is underwritten by Royal and Sun Alliance so you can be sure you’re with a reputable company.

Not only that, there are some exciting additional benefits with this scheme – you can get up to 30% savings at all year on a whole range of fantastic equestrian brands including Masta, Caldene, Tottie and Protechmasta. Best of all, this scheme comes in at a fantastic value price of just £40 per year for individual membership – a snip compared with many of the other insurance policies on the market. There’s also another great feature – a  knowledgeable and approachable UK based customer service team on hand to assist with any queries you have.

Combining this cover with vets fees, or other specific insurance from an alternative provider could prove to be a winner when it comes to savings and benefits.

For more information or to join online visit or call 01274 711 100.

Sponsored by Harry Hall One Club





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