Feeling worried!

Dear THP, I have recently moved my horse to a new yard, and I am wishing I hadn’t!

Ever since Monty has arrived at the new yard he has been picked on by the other horses and ponies in his field. I often arrive to find him standing alone in the field looking miserable and it’s really worrying me. The yard owner tells me he is doing fine, but I’m not so sure – what do you suggest? 

Rachel C.

Well Rachel, moving home can be as unsettling for a horse as it can for humans. There are new routines, neighbours, systems and people to get to know, and it can be a bit overwhelming. The key thing is to give him the best possible chance to settle in. If you think he’s getting bullied in the field, talk to the yard owner and see if you can turn your horse out with a quiet companion who will give him some confidence. It’s all about pecking order with horses and the newest horse in the herd can be subjected to some biting, kicking or barging  whilst the hierarchy is re-established. The main aim is to ensure the safety of your horse, and a one-to-one with another calm, horse could do the trick whilst he settles in.

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