Five reasons why you should have a horsey Instagram page!

If you are a happy hacker or an affiliated showjumper, or anything in between, a horsey Instagram page can be a lot of fun and help your riding career. Whether you focus on captions, beautiful pictures or creatively edited videos – whatever you create can have as much character as you and your horse. So here are five reasons we think you should set up an equestrian Instagram account!

To log your training progress


Your Instagram doesn’t just have to be full of pretty pictures. Taking action shots or videos can document your progress, so it is not only a visual diary but a training aid to see how far you have come and how you can improve.


Learn a new skill and get creative!


Taking cute photoshoots of your one-true-love, filming and editing short snappy videos with a great song, or writing funny captions – any time with horses is time well spent, especially when you can learn something new while you’re at it. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to get started either, or even a handy helper. Forget the go-pro for cross country action shots, and just leave your phone video rolling from the bottom of a trakehner, on the edge of a corner or on top of a table for some unique angles. If you’re in the school then balancing your phone on a fence post or jump wing works equally well for dressage or jumping, just be careful of your placing so no smashed screens are the result!

Connect with the horse community


One benefit of having a high profile Instagram account is the people you will reach, and who can reach you. Whether you post a video of a bad days training and find someone with similar experiences and hints and tips, or someone simply to sympathise, social media can expand your community for the better. The more people who create an equestrian Instagram, the bigger the network of ideas. Let Instagram to inspire you try anything from trick riding to polo, and then share it so others can do the same!


Earn some cash!


We all know riding isn’t cheap, so every little bit helps! Many small companies offer sponsorship to riders, and not just for professionals but anyone with a social media presence. The bigger your page the bigger your platform, and the more sponsors you could get! It isn’t just companies that can help out either – 556 of Emily King’s Instagram followers helped her purchase her ‘horse of a lifetime’ Hobby by donating to her JustGiving page linked through her account.


Your horse gets the appreciations he deserves!

Who doesn’t want their horse to have their own fan base? Most of your phone storage is probably already filled with adorable pictures of your horse or pony, so why not share them for everyone to enjoy.


Article By Amelia Holloway 

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