Getting behind the vertical – what it means and how to correct it

Joanna Fisher
Joanna Fisher

International Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer Joanna Fisher shares her thoughts on……how to correct your horse getting behind the vertical.

I recently gave a clinic and one of my pupils who rides a forward light and responsive cob had an issue with her coming a little curled up, or one could say over bent or behind the vertical.
However you wish to term it, it’s where the nose and mouth get behind the vertical.
Is this an issue I’m asked and how do I correct it?
Well, personally to me- this isn’t an issue, not to the point where I would have sleepless nights, but it is something I would actually expect to self correct.
One can always manually correct it and I will explain both corrections.
Manually – the rider needs to give a half halt up. This is a forward upward motion with the hand whilst trotting or cantering. This is done concurrently with a supportive leg aid.
It can be repeated as many times as necessary as it’s a soft quiet aid – encouraging the nose to move forward up and out.
If you wish to be patient and allow the horses natural balance to correct this issue- then you can wait years, for the head carriage to raise , nose to move out and consistency to occur- at the same time the hind leg will move further underneath and the more weight is taken behind the more forward the nose will become. Perhaps a little of each is the answer. Encouragement and patience- which is of course the secret to success!
Don’t forget the transitions – they are the hind leg motivator !!!


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