Heated Gilet On Test

Do you feel the cold? We do – whether it’s out on a days’ hunting, standing around watching a show, or just hacking out – we’re always freezing! So, we decided to invest in a heated gilet  in the hope that we could warm our cockles so to speak!

At £109, it’s not a cheap purchase, and we really hoped it would be worth the investment. Our main concern was that it wouldn’t get warm enough, also that the battery would be so big and heavy we’d need saddlebags either side of the saddle! Not so! In fact the Lithium battery is a small box roughly 2/3  the size of an iPhone 5 and twice as thick, and fits neatly into a pocket in the gilet. We found the settings on the battery a little confusing as it didn’t come with any instructions in the box – but it’s fairly self explanatory with 4 warmth settings. It lasts for around 2 hours when its on its max heat setting which is where we like it!

In terms of whether it heated us up… well, the jacket has one large square heated panel in the back and two narrower rectangular ones each side of the zip on the front panels. The back panel heats up like a dream and actually gets really quite hot. The front panels are harder to feel the benefit from thanks to their positioning.

In terms of design, the gilet itself is a lightweight, thin, breathable fabric with a V-neck , perfect for putting under a jacket without it being seen. It’s not a fashion item so you don’t particularly want to wear it on show and anyway, it’s best worn closer to your skin, say between a T-shirt and a jumper to get the max benefit. The jacket is plain black and unisex.

Between us on the THP team, we wore this gilet skiing, hunting, hacking and whilst waiting around in the cold for a horse having some treatment and found it to be a great addition to our winter equestrian wardrobe. We all wear a size 10-12 and chose the XS which was a comfortable fit, so the sizes do seem to come up big. They go from XS to XXXL.

Would we recommend this gilet? Yes!

Score – 8/10 just because the front panels don’t seem to be that effective .

From £109  at  www.treehouseonline.co.uk



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