How to be an Equine Photographer

CAREER FILE: Equine Photographer

NAME:  Cordelia Noble

How long have you been a photographer?  25 years


What made you decide to go into equine photography?

I started doing photography as part of an Art A-level and really enjoyed it. I like the artistic side and that the fact you are outdoors at different locations all the time.


What qualifications did you need?

None,  just a good portfolio!

Where did you study?

Nottingham Trent University for a BA Hons in Photography

How long was the course and how difficult would you say it was?  3 years, and not very difficult!

What were your next steps after your qualification… what has been your career path? After my degree , I did work experience with The Sunday Times, and then following that I landed a full time job on a local newspaper. I worked for various local newpapers for 10 years and then went freelance, working for various magazines and newspapers. I now work as a commercial photographer for clients such as Tesco, Volvo and the Health Services and I also specialise in portraits of horses for their owners. Horse photography is my passion.

Describe a typical day… 9am: Check on emails and any other phone calls that need answering. Arrive at client’s yard at 11am and spend 2-3 hours photographing a horse(s) in various poses, in action with and without the rider. Arrive home in afternoon. Download photographs. Update social media.

What are the best parts of the job? I love the creative side of the job, trying to get the best image out of every situation, sometimes you have to be quite inventive. Always something different, out and about, visiting different places and meeting people from all walks of life.

What are the worst parts? You are working very much on your own, I do not like this side of the job as I am a very sociable person, although I do sometimes have assistants. Freelance means that you are not being paid a wage and it is very much according to your contacts and reputation that you receive work and you need to be able to market yourself. Nowadays, social media helps a lot with this.

What are the hazards of the job? None that I can think of as long as you are sensible around horses.

Would you recommend this to as a career Yes, if you have the right mindset.

What qualities do you think someone needs to have to do this job? You need to be able to get on well with people first and foremost. You need to be happy to market yourself, and of course you must be able to take a good picture, but the first two are just as important, may be even more important than being able to take a good photograph.

Will this job make you rich? Probably not.

Will this job make you happy? Yes

Best piece of advise to someone considering photography as a career? Specialise in one section of photography, create your own unique style and get really good at it.


Cordelia can be contacted at Noble Photos



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