Jump 4 Joy Announces William Fox-Pitt as Celebrity Brand Ambassador

william fox-pitt

William Fox-Pitt, one of the most successful British Three-Day Event Riders ever, has joined forces with Jump 4 Joy, the UK’s leading manufacturer of show jumps, representing them as the company’s celebrity Ambassador.


“We are absolutely delighted that William considers our product to be of the highest calibre and quality suitable for training his world-class event horses,” said Jump 4 Joy Managing director, Nigel Underwood.  “Having the three times World Number One and nine times British Number One eventer on our team is a fantastic endorsement of our products and is incredibly exciting. We are very much looking forward to working with him.”


He added, “Traditionally, Jump 4 Joy has focussed its attentions on the showjumping market, but the ever-growing popularity of eventing, with its all-important showjumping element, has increased the significance of this sector for the business. The tie up with Fox-Pitt Eventing has reinforced Jump 4 Joy’s involvement in this sport.”


Jump 4 Joy has invested heavily in the design and production not only of world class show jumps used globally by the world’s top showjumpers, but also in an extensive range of cross-country fences, used for the last 15 years by British Eventing for their indoor winter JAS Series. Pallisades, roll-tops and corner arrowheads are amongst the many portable fences they can offer, along with the unique hanging brush fence designed especially for coaching the British event team.


Commenting on his involvement with Jump 4 Joy, William said, “Jump 4 Joy show jumps are extremely colourful and picturesque and it is very good for the horses to get used to some bright things.  They are also very easy to move and change, which makes being the ‘one on the ground’ a lot more enjoyable.  With the cross country jumps we have got a great selection of palisades, corners and skinnies, they are brilliant for keeping the horses on their toes and teaching them what to expect in real life.  It is great not only from a riding perspective but it also gives me a lot of choice when I am teaching, making sessions far more interesting.


He added, “This is the first time in my life that I have ever had a proper set of jumps!  I am very lucky to have a set of show jumps, fillers, and some good portable cross country questions.  They are a wonderful addition to my previously rather dilapidated collection, and have given me so much choice as to what I can get my horses to do.”


The appointment of William Fox-Pitt marks the forthcoming launch of a search for amateur ambassadors to join William in working with Jump 4 Joy. Details of the Search for Ambassadors for #TeamJump4Joy will be announced shortly on the Jump 4 Joy social media platforms.

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