Jump 4 Joy Raise the Bar in Showjumping


With almost 30 years expertise in the business of making high performance, low maintenance showjumps, Jump 4 Joy offers an unrivalled choice of colours, shapes, designs at an incredibly competitive price.

Used by top riders and celebrities across the world, their unmistakable functionality combined with an unrivalled standard of excellence in safety and design is acclaimed by many as the benchmark for all that is exciting about jumps today.

Jump 4 Joy celebrity ambassador William Fox Pitt with Yogi Breisner


Handmade in Britain

They are incredibly proud that all their jumps are handmade at their factory in Worcestershire, England, and are shipped to destinations around the world. Their jumps are constructed by skilled craftsmen and designed to last for years.

Technically Advanced

Their products are made from the highest quality polypropylene, extruded on site at their factory, using specially formulated polymer, and the best UV inhibitors and colour stabilisers available. All their products are rigorously tested for strength and durability to withstand impact and weather conditions.

Comprising the strongest engineering grade plastics, along with the latest fusion technology there is no exposed wood to rot, splinter or repaint, no metal to rust, dent or sheer and the colours won’t fade or lose their sparkle.

Unbeatable Practicality

It’s not just the technology, innovation and bold designs that make Jump 4 Joy jumps unbeatable, but their very suitability for purpose is unrivalled by other manufacturers.  Features they provide as standard make their jumps the most practical and easy to use from height guides on every upright and wing to easy-locate cups; multi-directional uprights for space-saving and variety to angled fillers, anti-scuff and peel graphics and wind resistant weights to ensure your jumps stay uprights in the strongest of winds. Their plastic poles give you all the benefits of traditional wooden poles thanks to the wood infill system designed to offer you a choice of weights. You can be sure every aspect of the practical functionality of Jump 4 Joy show jumps has been tried and tested to give you the very best jump on the market.

Five Year Quality Guarantee

They are so confident that you won’t find better quality, stronger or longer lasting jumps anywhere else that they put their money where our mouth is and offer a 5-year guarantee.

Safety First

Jump 4 Joy believe safety is of paramount importance which is why you won’t find any sharp edges, dangerous metal feet or cups on their jumps.  Unlike other manufacturers they offer safety features as standard at no extra cost including their FEI Approved Safety Cup. Their jump bases have been hailed as the safest innovation in jumps for over 40 years.

Bespoke Designs

No other manufacturer can rival their colourful and creative jump designs with over one million options for customers to choose from. Their in-house design team also offers a bespoke design service to create a unique branded or design style of your choice. Their designs are limited only by the extent of your imagination!

Design and Build Your Own Course

Their website www.showjumps.com  offers you the chance to design your own jumps and course with their revolutionary Jump and Coursebuilder functionalities. Choose from over 1 million different jump options and build your own dream course from the comfort of your own home.

Environmentally Friendly

Keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum is important to Jump 4 Joy, so they ensure the polypropylene they use for their jumps is fully recyclable and they have recycling facilities on site, too!

More information about Jump 4 Joy can be found at www.showjumps.com 

Or visit their Facebook page @jump4joyshowjumps

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