Tried and Tested: LeMieux Lycra Hood

Anyone who owns a grey horse or pony will know the headache of trying to keep it clean… especially if it’s stabled, when they’ve got all night to gleefully rub themselves into the luscious green poo that lurks in their bedding! Having spent far too many early mornings ahead of a show washing and grooming our lovely Belle, we decided to invest in a LeMieux Lycra Hood, in the hope that it might save us some time.

Our first impressions were good – the fabric itself is a lovely silky lycra. We chose the Benetton Blue colour, which looked great, and it has a 4-way stretch which allows for a comfy fit and easy movement once on. It has an elastic strap which passes between the legs and has a multi loop design to allow for different depths of chest. The belly strap design is adjustable in length with a robust clip closure which fits nicely.

Belle is a little headshy and we weren’t sure whether she would allow us to put the hood on her – but  – in fact, thanks to the zip that enables the whole thing to be opened quite wide, we had no trouble slipping it over her head and zipping it up under her neck to her chin. A snug elasticated and Velcro fitting ensures it stays securely fastened round the noseband area whilst not being too tight. The eyeholes are lovely and wide, and when we went back to check her before bedtime, the hood was just as we left it – all present and correct, and Belle was quite happy.

But what about in the morning…had it done its job and kept her free from stable stains? Well, yes it had. It’s not waterproof so we think if she had lain for some time in a particularly wet patch it might have soaked through, but for this test it was a pass!

We think this product would be of most benefit to us in the summer, when Belle is not wearing her stable rug with neck attachment.

Would we recommend it? YES!!

LeMieux Lycra Hood – RRP £37.50

Have you got a hood or a similar product? Tell us if it works for your horse or pony…!

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