Meet Trigger!

Meet Trigger McCheeky!



He’s Totally Horse and Pony magazine’s miniature mischievous mascot, and boy is he a loveable little monkey! Here are a few facts and figures about Trigger!

Age: 6

Breed: Miniature Shetland

Height: 9hh

Riding: Unbroken and unruly!

Main aim in life: To have a great time!

Enjoys: Jumping and cuddles

Naughtiest thing he’s ever done: Broken free and cantered and bronked across the lawn of a stately home (not joking – very awkward!!)

Fave trick: Spots any opportunity to escape from his stable or field – waits until he knows you are busy doing something and not keeping an eye on him … and he’s off!

Where does he go?  He has worked out where the chicken feed is kept, he zooms off to find it and manages to tear off a plastic sheet held down by bricks, open a plastic container and get inside the box for a quick feast!

Furry friends: Trigger is a companion pony, so he has lots of horse and ponies for mates, he does enjoy chasing cats and dogs though, and if he catches them, he will surely give them a nip!

Fave snack:  Anything goes with Trigger, but he loves apples and carrots, and turns his nose up at hay unless he’s really peckish!

Habits: Rolling – bizarrely Trigger loves rolling on those black rubber feed buckets made from old tyres. If he spots one it’s a matter of seconds before he’s on his back rolling on it! He also loves visiting his mate’s stables and enjoys a good roll in their beds given half a chance! He is also very nosey and loves to investigate everything – leave something lying around the yard and it’s a matter of time before Trigger has spotted it and given it the once over!

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