My pony is scared of the judges box!

Joanna Fisher
Joanna Fisher

International Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer Joanna Fisher shares her thoughts on how to deal with a  pony who is scared of the judges box!

Well, I can answer this by saying, your pony is very wise, as we all know who sits in the judges box, and no one likes to be judged!

On a more serious note, this can be a problem for even the most experienced horses, some judges boxes are decorated with elaborate flowers and at higher level, you could have 3 or even 5 judges, so it is a valid problem.
The only solution is practise.

If possible, try and hire out an arena that has judges boxes permanently in the arena, take your pony along and ride past and show your pony there is nothing to fear
The only other option is to enter as many shows/classes as possible and use the time in the arena as experience, ride passed the judges and try and say hello a few times before the bell rings so your pony knows the judges box is containing a friendly voice.
For sure after a few trial and error attempts the problem should disappear.
Good luck!

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