New Book Title Release: Langrish’s World of Horses


Newly out and just in time for Christmas stockings is Bob Langrish’s World of Horses a stunning coffee table book by the master photographer who has travelled six continents to capture the most gorgeous horses in their native habitats.

The book is packed with fabulous images of horses from around the world with interesting text and captions by Olympic gold medallist Jane Holderness-Roddam to accompany each photo, relating the story of how horse behaviours and traits vary by habitat, as well as the behind-the-scenes details of Langrish’s adventures in actually taking the photos themselves.

Langrish has spent his 40-year career tracking down the most exceptional horses in the world. From the Mongolian steppe to the South African desert, barrier islands to city streets, Langrish has recorded the lives and activities of these majestic animals.  His images have illustrated hundreds of books and graced countless magazine covers and this newly released book brings many of these together in one volume.

A fabulous gift  for anyone with a passion for horses!



Bob Langrish’s World of Horses: A Master Photographer’s Lifelong Quest to Capture the Most Magnificent Horses in the World

By Bob Langrish, Text: Jane Holderness-Roddam, Foreword: George H Morris, (£30.99  November 2018)

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