On Test: Masta’s Protechmasta Infrared Therapy Poll Pad

Here at Totally Horse and Pony Magazine we own a little eventing mare who could be called slightly quirky if you were being generous or a regular diva on a down-day! Cuddly, touchy feely she is NOT!  One of her issues is with her poll area. She is so anti-us touching it that a 15 minute plaiting up job – can easily run into a couple of hours of cajoling and distracting. We have even taken to competing in a fly veil (when she will let us put it on – but that’s another story) just so we don’t have to have the forelock battle!

Now before you all write in telling us we should have her checked – believe us when we say we have have – in fact we’ve done everything we can  – chiros, orthos, massages …the list goes on, and whilst there was some soreness there we have now concluded that some of this behaviour is now habitual and frankly, just her being awkward!

So, when we heard about  Masta’s Protechmasta Infrared Therapy Poll Pad  – we were keen to put it to the test.

poll pad

According to the bumph, the pad will help relieve muscle tension and sensitivity behind the ears and over the poll area. Infrared technology gently increases blood flow helping to relax the muscles and repair damage to nerve endings for a more relaxed, supple horse. Bingo! we thought – this could be the answer to all our problems!

Masta says the science behind the infrared technology goes like this:

A special blend of ceramic particles are woven into the material. This recycles and converts (naturally emitted) body heat into something that gives the body a measurable boost—far infrared energy.

Far infrared rays expand the capillaries to allow an increase in blood flow, drawing more oxygen, nutrients and removal of toxins to the area wherever Protechmasta products are worn.

Research has shown that when there is an increase in blood flow and circulation to muscle tissues it can enhance athletic performance and recovery, speed healing, reduce soreness, and help balance body temperature.

In the case of head shaking/anxious/spooky horses –  the increased blood flow enables enhanced cellular performance and ultimately higher levels of cognitive focus and physical energy.

So – now we know! We introduced the poll pad to our diva one day when she was stabled, attaching it to a breakaway head collar and leaving it on for a few hours. We repeated this for a few days thereafter. It’s comfortable and padded and didn’t seem to bother her. Did it work?  She is a tough nut to crack on this particular issue and so this was a hard test for the poll pad. She was certainly more comfortable around her poll area and a little more willing for us to touch it after she had worn the pad. That has to be a positive step forward. We will continue to use it in the hope that its effects are cumulative!

The standard poll pad is not competition legal – although there is  a competition version https://harryhall.com/protechmasta-competition-poll-pad-black and this one is BD and BSJ legal and is apparently currently under review by BE. If it passes with BE, we will see how she fares in competition – you never know – it might just boost her scores! Watch this space!

You can purchase the Masta Protechmasta Infrared Therapy Poll Pad for £25 from the Harry Hall website, or £17.50 if you are a Harry Hall One Club Member.






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