One Aqua Hat Tag Works for BE, Pony Club and Riding Clubs

At last, three of the biggest riding organisations have come together to unify their standard for hats.

British eventing, The Pony Club and  British Riding Clubs have agreed  that the 2018 hat rules will be standard across all three organisations meaning that riders need only one hat tag to signify that their hat meets the requirements.

The new ‘aqua’ coloured hat tag will carry the logo of the body that checks the hat so that the source of the tagging can be tracked and will mean that riders no longer have to wear multiple tags on their hats.

British Eventing’s Chief Executive David Holmes said; “Safety in eventing, and all equestrian activity, is of the highest priority for us and an area that British Eventing has invested in extensively over many years. This universal hat tag system is a great step forward in improving rider safety across multiple Member Bodies, which is not only beneficial for risk management in the sport, but means a more clear and efficient process for both riders, officials and volunteers.”

Head of British Riding Clubs Laura Sanger added; “We are delighted to be working with British Eventing and The Pony Club to promote the highest safety standards to all of our members. We are also pleased that this will reduce the burden on officials and volunteers across all three disciplines, as the need for multiple tags will no longer be necessary.‘’

Mary Tuckett the Pony Club Chairman confirmed that ‘’We are delighted to have come together with British Eventing and British Riding Clubs to introduce the universal hat tag system for 2018. Keeping our Members safe is always of great importance to us and the new ‘aqua’ tag will aid officials and volunteers with a clear and streamlined process that will help promote hat safety among riders.’’

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