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We’ve always admired the gorgeous Argentinean-style belts and accessories that have become de rigeur amongst the “country -set” over the last few years. So, when Pampeano, manufacturer of  beautifully crafted belts, bags and leather accessories got in touch, we were excited to get our hands on a polo belt and head collar and go all matchy-matchy Argentinian style for horse and rider!

Our first surprise was the beautiful cream presentation packaging they arrived in – perfect for a gift you would be proud of giving as it oozed quality and style. Nestled inside the boxes and bags lay fine handmade luxury leather pieces.

Pampeano Polo Belt £65

Recognised worldwide for their quality, each Pampeano polo belt has been hand-crafted in South America by master artisans, in a meticulous practice which takes up to five hours to complete – no factory made copies here – these are the real mcCoy!

The leather is thick and the stitching uses strong, top quality threads that are hand-woven to create the iconic ‘pampa’ diamonds which are ancient South American depictions of the Andes Mountains – bet you didn’t know that!

Pampa Headcollar £55

We were also impressed by the overall quality and strength of the head collar which has useful buckles at both sides for ease of access. It fitted perfectly to our equine tester who appeared comfortable and content in this new item of tack! Smart and attractive, the head collar could be used everyday, although we think it’s a bit more special than that and we would keep it for shows and outings! At £55 we think this is great value for money for the quality.

Pampeano will also personalise selected items free of charge by adding your initials embossed or in gold or silver foil, and deliver your goods free in the UK!

We love our Pampeano accessories for horse and rider. To find out more about them – head over to

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