Polo Competition Winner’s Chukka Chat

Remember our competition to win a polo lesson for you and a friend? Well our lucky winner – Izzy FS joined the Totally Horse & Pony Magazine team at Dallas Burston Polo Club, meeting Huw Beavan the Polo Manager there and getting astride one of their awesome polo ponies for a crash course on how to play polo.

The lesson lasted an hour and a half during which time, we got to grips with how to ride (yes really!) – it’s so different on a polo pony – turn your hips, leg back and reins forward and in whichever direction you want to travel (and reins in the left hand only) – and off you go! Stopping is a case of feet forward. The golden rule being – NO mouth contact! It took a little while to get used to that style of riding, but soon we were all whizzing up and down the field!

Huw also taught us the basics of stick skills – it is MUCH harder than it looks to hit a ball even at walk, never mind at canter with other ponies chasing after you! The mallets require quite strong wrists and after half an hour or so – we were feeling the pain!

We finished with a short chukka which was great fun, managing to score 3 goals with a little help from Huw!

Commenting on the polo, Izzy said,

“It was fantastic fun, especially the riding off where the horses clash shoulders! That was scary! Its very different to “normal” riding – if you move your legs back the horses just turn. I’d love to do it again and get a team together with my friends.”

If you’d like to try your hand at polo, you can contact the team at Dallas Burston Polo Club, in Southam, Warwickshire  on 01926 811111.

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