Shapley’s Equitone Whitening Shampoo on Test


As the owners of numerous grey horses over the years, the team here at Totally Horse & Pony magazine believe they’ve tried pretty much every “whitening” shampoo on the market over the years, with varying degrees of success. So, when Shapley’s, the darling products of the showing world, offered us the chance to try out their Equitone Color Enhancing Whitening shampoo, we thought in the interests of sanity (most people with “white” horses must be insane!!) we should give it a go.

Not cheap at around £22 per bottle, it does however offer some very appealing qualities:

  • Cleans, colours and conditions in one easy step
  • Removes stains
  • Optically intensifies to brilliant white
  • Adds vibrancy and vitality
  • Leaves hair silkier, smoother and shinier

Our test victim was heading off to an event, and hopeful of some dazzling white results, we set to with the shampoo. If you’re hoping for something that lathers up and goes all bubbly – this product doesn’t really do that -it doesn’t have any particular fragrance either. It’s thick deep purple viscosity needs plenty of rubbing in, especially in tails. The instructions advise you to leave it on for around 10 minutes – any longer and you’re in danger of a purple tint!

We religiously followed the instructions and rinsed at the 10 minute mark. On the plus side, once dry, our test victim was certainly looking cleaner and whiter, although it can be hard to see a shine on a grey, especially a flea bitten one. The shampoo was very effective in removing green poo stains from legs, and the yellow ends of the tail were also greatly improved.

If we had a slight criticism, we didn’t find the shampoo was as conditioning as we would have expected given the blurb, and to achieve the desired tail-floaty effect we did need to apply tail conditioner once dry.

Overall, we think this is a good quality product that performs its job well. Worth a try!





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