Help Your Horse Deal with the Summer Heat!

Finally we have got some summer weather! But of course, as with all weather conditions , the heat brings with it some extra care and consideration for our equine friends.  Here are some brilliant tips to help your horse deal with summer’s heat.

To help reduce the effects of heat and keep horses comfortable:

  • Provide turnout during cooler times of the day (early in the morning, late at night, or overnight).
  • Provide relief from the sun through access to shade from trees or buildings. Remember, shade will change its position  throughout the day .
  • Watch for signs of sunburn, especially on white or light-colored areas – remember to apply sun block to pink spots on faces
  • Ensure access to clean, cool water (recommended temperature range of 45 to 64°F) at all times. Did you know...depending on feed, an adult horse in a cool climate will normally drink 6 to 10 gallons of water each day while at rest, and much more while working or in hot conditions.Water buckets and tanks may need to be cleaned more regularly in hot weather as algae and bacteria grow rapidly in warm water.
  • Consider giving free access to salt licks as not only will it encourage horses to drink more, but it will also replace salts lost in sweating.
  • Ride early mornings or evenings when the intensity of the sun has fallen
  • Consider swopping your horse’s turn out around so he is stabled during the day and turned out at night when its cooler
  • Heat brings flies, so don’t forget the fly spray before you turn out and slip on a fly mask for extra protection.
  • Transport horses during the coolest part of the day. Ensure that trailers are well ventilated and offer water frequently. Do not park in direct sunlight with horses inside – try and find a shady spot if you plan to be at a show all day.


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