Spring into Action! It’s Spring!

Meteorologically  it’s Spring!  And, in our book that’s a cause for celebration when it comes to horses and riding. Here are our top 6 reasons for welcoming in Spring!

  1. Fabulous Foals. Who can resist these wonderful creatures who are popping out now weather has taken a turn for the better?
  2. Time to go! The clocks are about to go forward and that means it’s daylight for longer! Riding in the evening is now on the cards –hurray!
  3. Farewell Mud! You can now reasonably expect that gateways, bridlepaths and lanes will start drying out, and that means no more muddy horses and splashes up your boots!
  4. Start of the competition season. Finally, those dreams can become a reality as the horsey calendar starts filling up with competition dates.
  5. Lose the Layers! Both you and your horse can start to lose those cumbersome winter layers – shed those rugs and anoraks – it feels soooo good!
  6. Going Green! The muddy brown and grey countryside becomes green and inviting, and fields fill with lush spring grass meaning your hefty feed bill is suddenly looking a lot less scary!

Hooray for Spring!

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