On Test: LeMieux Comfort Shield Fly Mask

Right now it seems our horses at Totally Horse and Pony Magazine are plagued by flies. It’s a fly-fest make no mistake. In their eyes and ears, insane buzzing and irritating itching – driving them mad.

We have fly masks  – but not enough for all our horses and ponies, so we decided to invest in a new one and, being fans of all-things LeMieux, opted for the Comfort Shield Half Mask with ears.

Our first concern was the size. We recently bought a LeMieux fly bonnet for Belle for competing and opted for the extra large – it fitted perfectly. So, quite why we clicked for the Large fly mask is something of a mystery and it’s fair to say we bit our fingernails hoping we’d got the right size till it arrived in the post. Fortunately it was. The packet said Large would fit 16.0hh-16.2hh – it did, although the ears were a little snug!

We loved the very fine mesh which also has a UV reflector to protect the eyes, and it seems to stand off from the eyes too, thanks to the lined eye darts making it comfy for the horse to see out. Belle has a quirk about having her ears touched (in fact it cost us a place at the champs this weekend – but thats another story – ggrrrrr!!!) but she didn’t seem to mind having this fitted. The fabric is lovely and soft and theres a great fleece wool strip that goes over the brow area to prevent rubbing.  The head piece is elasticated and there’s a double velcro closure that goes around the throat area.

Overall this mask fitted really nicely, and Belle seemed more than happy wearing it. LeMieux claim you can ride with this mask on, and looking at the fit and design we can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to.  In hindsight, as we watched the flies continue to land on her nose, we rather wish we had bought the mask with the nose section too. Hey ho!

Would we recommend it?  Yes – definitely!


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