Too Hot To Trot?

Best Dressed prizewinners for First Inspection yesterday at Badminton were Australia’s Paul Tapner, for the men (pictured centre) , wearing an original waistcoat, tweed and horse-print shirt combo, topped with a daring wooden bow tie. His outfit was by Claudio Lugli. For the ladies, Great Britain’s Danielle Dunn (in tweed) was the lucky chosen winner. Danielle was dressed in a bespoke Charleston Couture jacket and hat, paired with boots by Equiclass and watch by Abbott Lyon. Photo credit Kit Houghton

In case you haven’t noticed (!) this weekend is Badminton Horse Trials – the first of the classic series of the season in the UK. Before competitors can make their way out into the dressage arenas on Thursday & Friday, they all need to go through the first Horse Inspection. (This year saw all horses successfully complete this stage.)  Anyone who is familiar with eventing will know that this is a trendy affair, so our Fashion & Style Editor Sophie Tunnah  has passed her critical eye over some suitable fashion items, advising what’s bang on trend for this most nail-biting part of the whole event and how to get the winner’s style!

There’s a multitude of outfits coming out onto display from riders of all nationalities. Some of the male riders stick to a classic cut suit, combining tailored jacket and trousers. However, there’s often a splash of colour thrown in along the way, with a few opting for much bolder coloured trousers matched classically with a neutral jacket.

For the ladies… Well, there’s some very fancy outfits, but the ladies must remember they’ve got to be able to handle a fresh and fit event horse…while it is trotting…back AND forth…and keep in pace with it!! You definitely won’t be seeing many pairs of high stiletto heels or stylish open toed shoes!

So, what’s on show this season?

Well, as ever, tartans and tweeds are always in abundance, with this season seeing tones of blue being popular, including being featured on the catwalk (equestrian & beyond!)

Adding a tone of blue can give you multiple options when you step out.

Firstly, it makes including a skinny pair of blue jeans very easy. And as we all know, pairing these up with a classic pair of boat shoes, can give as casual or as smart a look as you want to achieve. We found a gorgeous Timothy Foxx jacket, with blue detail turn over cuffs and a blue collar. The jacket also has blue fabric detail on the pockets, with a vertical blue stripe, complemented by a red-ish pink horizontal stripe.


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As you can see, it is delicately tailored, and is one of my favourite tweed jackets that I’ve seen on the market!

Completing this outfit off with a simple white, crisp, tailored shirt with without a doubt leave you too hot to trot…

For those warmer days (or when you’ve a lot of walking around the cross country course!), opt for a gilet instead of a jacket.

A simple straight side cut, with open flat pockets, and some super-smart gold buttons will leave you looking ready for any adventure as you head out onto the course. Just make sure that you swap your boat shoes for a good pair of walking shoes or boots – it’s a long way to nurse around a blister!!

While we’re on the topic of shoes, one of my best tips… Leave the stilettos at home (even on dressage and showjumping day) – they just are not practical!! Instead opt for flat shoes with chunky soles – my go-to has been my Dubarry’s, but in warmer weather they aren’t always so great. Boat shoes can make a much lighter and softer alternative for those sunny days.

We of course, mustn’t forget make-up – keep it natural. To be honest, this is my make-up mantra for everyday life…

A correctly matched and lightly tinted moisturiser with a stroke of blusher, and a natural mascara colour is all you need. Often opting for a brown mascara over a black can take away a “bright eyed” look and keep the overall look much more natural.

No lady would be complete without accessories – let’s face it, who can leave the house without them!!

If you need a bag, make sure it’s spacious – you’ll need to fit a fair few things in if you don’t want to be making multiple trips across the car park. From sun cream & sunglasses, to carrying the layers you take off, a large bag to carry on your shoulder is a much needed accessory.

Jewellery. Now, like make-up, my motto is to keep it simple. A real bug bear of mine is seeing people over-accessorise. Hi-Ho Silver offers some beautiful yet delicate items to compliment your carefully chosen outfit(s).

If you don’t want to break the bank, the sterling silver & 18ct rose gold vermeil snaffle bracelet will look delicate on your wrist – the blue will also compliment the Timothy Foxx jacket well. At just £45 you’ll be able to mix this item into many different outfits throughout the year too.

For those of you who want to spend a little more, take a look at the cherry roller necklace. Sterling silver & 9ct rose gold set onto a delicate chain will hang elegantly around your neck. Opting for a slightly shorter chain can allow you keep it on show between your shirt’s collar… and why wouldn’t you display it, it’s a beautiful item to show off!

Of course, no post would be complete without a mention of the popular clothing brand, Joules.

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Joules often sell event specific polo shirts, so if you want a keep sake to remind you of the good times enjoyed at Badminton Horse Trials, look no further! With jackets, polos, t-shirts & hoodies, you can get any item whatever the weather…


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