Top 10 Stirrups You’ll Love!

You might think that a stirrup is, well, just a stirrup. But in fact, design and technology have come a long way for the humble stirrup with a whole range of considerations to take into account when buying them. Weight, safety, colour and style are just four of the variations you need to think about. To help you we have pulled together our top 10 stirrups we think you’ll love!

EQUÌTALY – Brushed Aluminum – Horse Riding STIRRUPS 
EQUÌTALY stirrup


This Italian made aluminium stirrup has and upward inclined foot pad that pulls your heel and hip back ensuring an excellent grip even when the foot is not well-positioned in the stirrup.


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Aluminium Icelandic stirrups  
Icelandic stirrup

These funky looking lightweight stirrups are curved on both sides with a 90° top eyelet to give your foot freedom but also security. These stirrups are wide and can take a large boot – plus they come in a variety of wacky colours!

From £60.82

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MAKEBE Wave Horse Stirrups 


Makebe Wave stirrup
This strong but light aluminium stirrup has been specially treated to preserve its gloss and colour stability. It is made with a slight incline and an innovative grip that makes it both comfortable to use and easy to clean.
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Amidale Rainbow Gloss Fillis Stirrups

amidale_stirrupsThese may be at the lower end of the budget when it comes to stirrups in this top 10 feature, but we can’t resist the eye-catching – sure to brighten up any ride!


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Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups
Sprenger stirrup

This new design ensures improved leg position whilst shock absorbing grip is achieved by a widened tread made of rubber. The internationally renowned System 4 technology used in these stirrups enables immediate release of the foot in case of emergency. By flexing in four directions impact on the rider´s cartilage and ligaments is softened, without feeling unstable. Bow Balance design provides easy pick up upon mounting as they require very little effort on the rider´s part – a simple touch of the foot to the stirrups and it gently folds onto the rider’s foot. 


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HyJump Compositi Reflex Stirrup Irons
HyJump Compositi Reflex Stirrup

Compositi Reflex Shock Absorbing Lightweight Nylon Stirrups offer a fibre-glass reinforcement whilst the swivel sole of the Reflex stirrup is positioned on a shock absorbent layer to relieve tension from the knees and joints The slender profile has been designed for quick foot release in an emergency.


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Freejump Soft Up Lite Stirrupsstirrup

Horse too tall to mount? Have no fear the Rambo StirrUP was designed to enable riders to mount a horse up to a hand and a half taller than they would usually be able to, reducing restrictions on the size of horse they can ride.  The drop down mechanism gives you an additional six inches, and conveniently pops back into place once your foot touches the footrest.
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Mark Todd Aluminium stirrup

These stirrups are made from high-tech aluminium superalloy which combines super strength with lightweight. They come with a replaceable anti slip rubber pad and wide footbed for comfort.

From £55

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 Shires Compositi Reflex Stirrups

With glass-fibre reinforcement, the swivel sole of the REFLEX stirrup is positioned on a shock-absorbent layer to relieve tension from knees and joints. 


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