Top 5 Disney Horses That Totally Cut It!

Sassy, opinionated, cute and above all faithful, Disney’s horses hold a special place in our hearts for their unswerving loyalty, not to mention their comedic characters. Here are our top 5 faves (and one red herring who we just couldn’t exclude from this list!)

Bullseye from Toy story:
Once belonging to a retired British Cavalry officer, Captain the grey horse in 101 Dalmatians played a key role in the rescue of the puppies.
Frou-frou – The Arisocats

Frou-Frou was destined to play a very similar role to Captain – this time, rescuing kittens rather than puppies. Another reliable, good-humoured equine from the cartoon reels!

Maximus – Tangled

Relentless in his pursuit of justice, Maximus is a warhorse with attitude!

Samson – Sleeping beauty


Prince Philip’s super-sassy steed Samson was not above a little bribery when it came to doing her job!

Donkey from Shrek


As this is a DreamWorks film -not Disney, and as he is a donkey not a horse, strictly speaking Donkey shouldn’t appear in this list..but come on, who can resist this adorable character?

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