Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Horse Insurance

It’s human nature to look on the bright side of life! But – when it comes to horses, the facts show that there is often cause for caution. Horses can be unpredictable and the risk of an accident happening is high. So, it’s better to be prepared and having insurance is just one way of limiting your exposure to the costs and risks involved with this wonderful sport.

Here are the top 5 reasons that horse insurance is a must-have!
  1. Your horse escapes your field and causes an accident
  2. Your horse injures another horse or rider
  3. Your horse damages someone else’s property such as a car
  4. Someone gets injured whilst riding your horse
  5. You get injured whilst riding

All these reasons involve you, your horse or a third party and can be covered by public liability and personal accident insurance policies. The good news is that the cost of this cover needn’t be high.

Harry Hall, has an exciting concept in insurance on offer through their One Club.  This provides £10 million public liability insurance and £10,000 personal accident insurance.

The Harry Hall One Club is a unique scheme that offers first rate insurance cover for personal accident and public liability, but comes at just £3.33 a month for an individual policy covering a rider and up to 2 horses. Not only this, the One Club also gives its members 30% savings at all year on a whole range of fantastic equestrian brands including Masta, Caldene, Tottie and Protechmasta. Savings on products can cover the cost of the premiums, so insurance is effectively free!


Customer Kelly Brookfield commented, “Thanks to the Harry Hall One Club you get great horse rider cover along with fantastic discount on fantastic products.” Whilst Elizabeth Grady said, “The one club public liability insurance is brilliant value. Online purchases arrived within 48 hours of ordering. Excellent service.”

For more information or to join online visit or call 01274 711 100.

Sponsored by Harry Hall One Club


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