Top 5 Riding Belts for Autumn

Whether you’re a happy hacker or a sporting show jumper, you can’t deny that a nice flashy riding belt just makes everything look better! Totally Horse & Pony’s Fashion Blogger Daisy Phillips has put the legwork in on your behalf and brought together the best belts you should be seen in!

It can sometimes be hard to find a belt that looks fab but is also affordable (I just saw a belt for £250! Can you believe it?!), but luckily for you I have hand-picked my top 5 Autumn Riding Belts that not only look good, but won’t break the bank. These belts will ensure you look like a pro in the ring, even if (like me) you have no idea what you’re doing half the time. Oh, they will also stop your breeches from falling down, but who really even wears a belt for that reason anyway?


1) Tredstep Curve Belt – Priced from £39.99
Tredstep Curve Belt



It has to be said that the detail on these are pretty amazing! The leather belt comes in a range of colour combinations and promises to ‘enhance your silhouette’- which I’m all for! Tredstep Ireland are known for their excellent quality and durable products and this belt is no exception. I know what you’re thinking right now, ‘How on earth is 40 quid for a belt affordable?!’ but have no fear, the Tredstep Curve Belt is currently reduced (with free delivery thrown in) and can be bought here.




2) Mark Todd Elasticated Leather Belt – Priced from £12.99
Mark Todd elasticated belt



Now, has Mark Todd ever let you down? His brand delivers the goods once again with the striking and elaborately detailed leather belt designs. The elastic material allows for flexibility, while the stylish design makes you hot to trot. You can purchase the Toddy-approved accessory here and look/ride just like the Olympic athlete himself (Apart from that time when he was leading after Dressage at Burghley, only to hit the deck and get eliminated in the Cross Country phase, obviously.)





3) Horze Crescendo Crystal Belts – Priced from £19.99
Horze Crescendo Belt




If you like bling, these belts are your thing! The flashy design isn’t too over the top and we all know Horze is a brand we can love and trust. The description states that this belt is guaranteed to ‘catch the eye’ and it might be just enough to distract the judge from your accidental leg-yield down the centre line. Breathe, flash them a glimpse of your belt, and prepare for your buck, rear, immobility salute. You’ve got this. Buy here.



4) Shires Polo Belts – Priced from £24.99
Shires Polo Belts



I must admit that I do own one of these belts myself, but can you blame me? With the original Polo belts retailing from £200 (Remember the expensive belt I mentioned at the start? That was it!), this Shires version is a great alternative and looks almost identical to the original design. With this product being available in various colours and is suitable for both the yard and competitions, you’re onto a winner. Also, the Conker leather used in the belts mean they actually get better with age (Unlike most men…) so you will own this belt for years. Shop for the Shires Polo Belt here.

5) Ariat Radiant Leather Belt – Priced from £44.99
Ariat Belt


If you’re not a fan of snakeskin then this belt may not be for you. But if you are, you’ll absolutely love this! Heart-eye emoji’s at the ready for the new Ariat Radiant belts, oozing good quality and style. We have already seen that Snakeskin is soo in right now (Check out the Snakeskin t-shirts from LD Equestrian) and this is no exception to the trend. The buckle is in the shape of a spur which is pretty amazing and this belt is REVERSIBLE, meaning if you want to tone it down then it can be easily turned into a smart, plain leather belt. Get yours here before they run out (and trust me, they are running out fast!)


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