Tottie Search for 2018 Ambassadors

In 2015, equestrian clothing company Tottie launched a programme to sponsor 6 female riders and they’re now heading into their fourth year looking for a new set of ambassadors.

Tottie says, ” We believe that our Tottie Select Girls are the future of riding and we aim to provide them with kit to ride out in and a platform to speak to thousands of other female riders. Our Tottie Girls believe in fun and fashion and they strive to inspire girls everywhere to be kind to each other and support each other both in and out of the arena.

“Since 2015 over 1,500 girls have applied to be select girls and from those just 18 have made the final cut. We’re hoping this year will be bigger than ever and we can reach girls from all riding backgrounds. All they have to do to apply is complete the application form and then wait to hear back. The competition closes on October 10th with the winners announced on November 1st.”

So, what are you waiting for? Click below to wing your way to the application page!

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