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Esme Higgs better known as “This Esme”, is a 17 year old horse enthusiast who shares her horsey life on social media and is much loved around the world. With her entertaining and informative video series, she has become a global video star with the world’s largest equestrian YouTube channel and 3.5 million views monthly.  Ellie Kelly caught up with her ahead of the Theraplate UK Liverpool International Horse Show, where she will be coming along to enjoy the show, meet her fans and stage her latest video.


Do you remember your first time on a pony?

Yes, at a friend’s 5th birthday party, I was 4 at the time. I remember feeling so high up and the pony seemed massive, however looking back on it the pony was probably only 12hh.


What is it about riding and the lifestyle that you love?

So many things! Being outside, sharing my life with animals, developing a bond, trust and partnership with my horse.


How do you juggle going to college with your horses?

For me, looking after the horses is a pleasure and a real break from school work and studying. It has just become part of my everyday routine. I try and manage my time well to fit in as much as I can.


Why did you decide to start making videos? 

I started making small videos on my phone to track my progress with my pony Casper, so I could look back and see how much I’d improved. Quickly, and to my surprise, views and subscribers increased and I now post a video at least weekly and get over 3 million views a month from people all over the world.


Have you ever had anything nasty written about you on social media or to your face?

I’ve met lots of people face to face who watch my videos and every one of them has been really friendly and positive. I also get lots of mail sent for “Mail time with Mickey” videos and again people are all so lovely. However, I do occasionally get a negative comment- it seems to be inevitable that if you put yourself out there you will get some criticism as understandably everyone has different opinions on things.


What advice would you give to people who might have suffered that?

Whilst its easier said than done, I try and ignore it, and would advise others to do the same. Don’t reply or give them any attention, and remember that the negative comments are far outweighed by all the positive feedback. Also, you don’t know what’s happening in the life of the person who has left the negative message.



What do you want to be when you finish school?

Once I finish school, I’m going to spend a year doing YouTube full time and see how that goes. During that year, I’ve got plans to travel and visit, amongst other places, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland and Japan. I’m hoping to have more equestrian experiences and film them in the process. Following this I’d like to go to University and ultimately work with horses.


What makes you laugh?

My pony Mickey, he’s just the funniest pony


What makes you cry?

At the moment- Thermodynamics in Chemistry



Favourite book?

The Harry Potter series as they got me into reading when I was younger.


Favourite film?

Anything Sci Fi


Favourite food?

Italian, can’t go wrong with pizza or pasta


Casper’s favourite treat?

Stud Muffins!


You’re coming to Liverpool- what will you be doing there?

I’ll be making a film for YouTube as well as being part of the signing zone and meeting my viewers. I’ll also no doubt enjoy the shopping and the show!


What is on your Christmas list?

A unicorn!


What is on Casper’s Christmas list?

Lots of treats


If you want to meet This Esme and enjoy the other wonders of the Liverpool International Horse Show, including seeing other stars like John and Michael Whitaker and Charlotte Dujardin, you will be pleased to hear that tickets are still available:



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