What to do if your horse is stolen


Imagine the scene. You arrive at your field ready to bring your horse in …and he’s gone. You search the local area, ask around and no one has seen him. STOLEN! Sadly, there seems to be an increase in horse thefts but what do you do if your horse has been stolen?

After the initial panic you need to Act immediately. The first 24 to 48 hours can be critical in leading to the recovery of your horse. Don’t delay.

1.  Call the police and get a crime number from them. Give them your horse’s description, recent photos and details of any freezemarks or brandings.

2. Contact your local area Horsewatch. The UK Horsewatch Alliance is group of people from Horsewatch groups all over the country, who work together to provide a network of information and support to combat equine crime. Their website is designed to provided links to all other groups’ websites, information regarding stolen horses, ponies and trailers, security and identification information plus any other relevant information. www.ukhorsewatch.org.uk

3.If your horse is freezebranded, phone the company, who will circulate slaughterhouses, sales, etc. with details of your horse.

4. Phone your insurance company. They need to know and may provide you with recovery expenses.

5. If necessary, phone horse sales and slaughterhouses with details of your horse. You can follow these up with visits, armed with your horse’s description and photos.

6. Alert weekly and monthly equestrian press and local press, and put up ‘stolen’ horse notices in local shops, riding schools and saddlers.

7. Add details of your horse on the Stolen Horse Register. This database is searched by all horsewatch co-ordinators regularly for new entries

Link for SHR form – viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3362

Link – http://www.stolenhorseregister.com/

8. Advise your passport issuing agency.

A list of the Passport Issuing Organisations (PIO) can be obtained from: http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/tracing/horses/horses_index.htm




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