What your Horses Ears Are Telling You

If you thought a horse’s ears were just for hearing with – you’d be mistaken! They are a window into his mind – and if you can read his ears you’re well on the way to reading his thoughts!

Ears Forward
  • Interest in his surroundings -he’s spotted something and is focussing on it
  • I’m on alert
  • Saying hello!
One ear back
  • I’m listening to my rider but am also aware of my surroundings
  • I’m paying attention to something behind me
  • I’m thinking
Both ears cocked back
  • I’m curious about this – I’ll touch it with my nose but I’m listening behind too
  • I’m listening to my rider
Both ears pinned back
  • I’m not happy about that
  • Go away
  • No!
  • I’m getting angry
Ears flat back
  • Watch out – I’m really angry and likely to react
  • Final warning – don’t push me!
Ears  twitching about
  • I’m not certain about this – I may make a move
  • What’s going on – I’m considering
  • Uncertain
Floppy ears
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Happy
  • Chilled out!


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