What’s On Our 2017 Horsey Xmas Gift Wishlist?

Yup, it’s that time of year when dreams can come true, fairies and elves sprinkle a little magic and if we’re super lucky we get a few of the goodies we’ve drooled over for the last year! Here at Totally Horse and Pony Magazine, our team’s combined Xmas wishlist is pretty extensive – but we’ve managed to whittle it down to a few key goodies that we’re keeping our finger’s crossed that Santa is going to deliver!

Trigger’s choice!
HayGrazer Bag

Great idea for those greedy little ponies who scoff their rations waaay too quickly!








£49.99 Click here to buy!

Editor’s Choice
Le Mieux Lambskin Half Pad

These are just the ultimate luxury and we want one!











From £60.50

 Click here to buy!

Jo Everitt’s (our Web designer) Choice
Noble Outfitters Balanced Riding Tights

Jo’s been waiting to wriggle into a pair of these for ages – they’re on her  list now!















From £59.85

Click here to buy!

Claire Harley’s ( from the Sales team) Choice
Ariat Heritage Contour Riding Boots

Loving these  gorgeous slim Spanish style boots – definitely on Claire’s wish list!











Click here to buy!

Hannah Craft, Our Unlikely Eventer’s Choice
Acavallo Opera stirrups

Hannah is after a pair of Acavallo Opera stirrups. She says, ” I have been “making do” with my old stirrup irons on my dressage saddle for so long and, after borrowing a friend’s pair, I am absolutely sold on these beauties. They stabilise the lower leg and are so comfy, even with my dodgy knee and ankle!”












Click here to buy!

Alanna Clarke, Editorial writer’s choice
Pink Boots!

Alanna is yearning for a pair of these incredible shocking pink Italian boots. She says, “I adore them and would love to wake up on Christmas morning to a pair of these!”
















Click here to buy!

Daisy Phillips, Fashion Writer’s Choice
Le Mieux Matchy Matchy

Daisy is hoping to get her hands on a Le Mieux matchy set in corn blue. She says, “I just love the colour!”












Click here to buy!

Joanna Fisher, Training Adviser

Joanna would like a day off! Sorry folks, there’s no price or picture for that!


So, there we have it – the Totally Horse & Pony mag team’s Xmas gift wishlist. Not too greedy or outrageous (except perhaps for the boots – go Alanna!!)  So we’re keeping everything crossed that the Big Man sees this article! What’s on your list this year? Let us know!

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