When should you stop clipping?

Dear THP

I am confused about when is the last time I can clip my horse? I have heard conflicting views on this – some are saying January but my horse’s coat is like a woolly mammoth! I’m not sure just one more clip this winter will suffice!

Claire, Spalding.

Dear Claire,

There really isn’t one right or wrong answer to this question. It depends on many factors such as the weather, the amount of work your horse is doing, the condition of his coat and how fast the previous clip is growing out. It’s true, many do say that you shouldn’t clip a horse after January as his summer coat may be starting to come through and clipping will spoil its condition. However, many people do clip into February, or even March, and some chose to clip super-hairy native breeds all year round. The rule of thumb really is if you spot that the coat is starting to moult, then leave it alone.

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