3 Reasons Why Your Horse’s Feed Is Costing More

If you are the one paying the bills at the feed merchants, you may have noticed that your feed bill has gone up recently. Can you blame it on Brexit or are the feed merchants simply hiking prices and cashing in? Well, actually, no – there are some reasons that you might be surprised to learn have affected the price of your horse’s daily grub.

Factory Fire

A fire in the German warehouse of the world’s leading supplier of animal health vitamins and minerals has led to a shortage of these products thus driving up the prices

Chinese pollution:

70% of the world’s vitamins come from China. Many of the factories have been forced to close due to the high cost of compliance with  government pollution regulations

Bad weather

Poor weather conditions at harvest and demand for renewable energy plants for biofuel has led to a shortage of straw for feed and bedding meaning companies making chaff products are experiencing higher prices for their ingredients.

So…now you know!

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