WIN! Little Alf’s bestselling memoir!

Have you ever heard of Little Alf the miniature Shetland pony who stands at just 28 inches high due to him having dwarfism? Well guess what! His memoir has just been published and was instantly a best seller on Amazon.

Little Alf is just 5 years old and lives in the Yorkshire Dales with author and mum Hannah Russell, Little Alf first come to live with Hannah when he was just 7 months old in 2012 and Hannah 16 at the time.

Hannah started blogging about Alfie shortly after she got him and he was an internet sensation online and now has a mass following of 40K followers across the globe. Alfie has a series of children’s stories published about him by Hannah Russell but was pick up by a top literacy agency in 2016 where they were then taken on by a publishing company in London – Little Brown publishing who publish books by authors including JK Rowling.

On October 5th 2017 Little Alf’s memoir was published ‘Little Alf – The true story of a pint sized pony who found his forever home’ and tells the tale of how Little Alf turned Hannah’s life upside down in the best possible way. Hannah recently had been give the devastating news that she would never ride again and Alfie gave her a new focus, the book tells the story of how Little Alf came in to her life and all the adventures they have been on since the moment they met.

Bestselling author Linda chapman recently quotes the book and said ‘Little Alf is a lovely read – really heart-warming and inspirational.’

Now two lucky Totally Horse & Pony Magazine readers can WIN the memoir as well as the book bag bundle pictured above. Just head over to Little Alf’s Facebook page  to enter. So easy!

You can find out more about Little Alf online via his website –

And purchase a copy of the new book via his website

The Book is also available in Waterstones, Amazon and Asda.



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