How to Win (and Lose!) Friends At Pony Club Camp

It’s camp season and many Pony Clubs are getting into the swing of it this week. As you head off to camp, here are 5 top tips on how to win (and lose!) friends at camp!

  1. Share your tuck! Everyone’s going with a stash of goodies for the inevitable midnight feasts – make sure you’re not caught as a secret nibbler keeping the choccies to yourself – it won’t go down well!!
  2. Best to name your gear – who wants a showdown with a mate when you suspect them of nicking your wellies cos they look exactly the same as yours?
  3. Do your fair share of the chores – no one likes a slacker especially if it’s group work.
  4. Be modest when you win and gracious when you lose – bragging and moaning are big no-no’s
  5. Try and shower at least once! That combo of human body odour and horse manure’s not great – even at camp – honestly!

Have fun!

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