WoofWear Precision Thermal Gloves on Test

This time of year, you want a practical riding glove that not only keeps your hands warm, but enables you to ride and do all your jobs. We decided to try the @woofwear Precision thermal glove to see how it fared on the THP yard –and we were impressed!

As soon as you put our hand in the glove, it feels warm and stretchy. Its got a fleecy back which is really comfortable and whilst there is no specific grip pads, there is extra reinforcement between the rein fingers. The gloves kept our hands warm during a full day’s hunting. We also use them for round the yard doing our everyday jobs and they have been really great. They are regularly popped in the washing machine and come up like new. Our only gripes would be that it didn’t take long for our nails to go through the ends of the fingers, and on one of the gloves the stitching came undone on the Velcro tab. Otherwise, it’s a thumbs up from us!


Available in black or brown.

£32 from www.woofwear.com

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